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In Jean Paul F. Richter's "Flegeljahre" I read: "Er erstaunte über den Überfluß, worin er künftig schwimmen sollte. Denn es war noch eine Paphose da (er wußte gar nicht, was es war)."  (The hero finds in his chambre garnie a "Paphose" and doesn't know what it is.)

I didn't either. According to Larousse it's a "lit de jour ou canapé de la fin du XVIIIe s", a day bed or a kind of couch. Any etymological guesses?

He also finds a "schwarzen basaltenen Kaligula, der aus Brust-Mangel nicht mehr stehen konnte". (That's a "black Kaligula made of basalt, that couldn't stand any more because it lacked its breast.") I haven't got the slightest idea what that could be.

EDIT: You convinced me: Probably a broken bust.
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